Medovate, the manufacturer of SAFIRA™, is inviting anesthesia specialists to share their insight and opinions about Regional Anesthesia and SAFIRA™ with their Influencer Program. The program is a great way for specialists in anesthesia and anesthesiology and SAFIRA™ users to leverage their voice and create meaningful discussions about the future of Regional Anesthesia. Participants will also receive an honorarium for their contribution.

SAFIRA™ – SAFer Injection for Regional Anesthesia is a revolutionary new technology making regional anesthesia a one-person procedure. It also features a uniquely designed safety solution to limit injection pressure, reducing the risk of patient nerve damage.

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Interested in Participating in the SAFIRA™ Influencer Program?


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What Does the Influencer Program Include?

Those that are interested in participating in the program can do so in a variety of ways:

  • Social Media: Share a post on your preferred social media platform
  • Video: Create a short video sharing your experience using the SAFIRA™ device
  • Become an e-Teacher: Produce a short presentation, animation or video about the use of SAFIRA™ for the regional anesthesia process.

If you are interested in a product demonstration or learning more about the SAFIRA™ Influencer Program, please call us at 888-891-1200 or email us.

Influencer and e-Teacher Terms of Participation – An honorarium will be provided for participation in the program; there are limited places available to participate and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis; Medovate reserves the right to have the final decision on participants admitted to the program.