morgue funding

The prevalence of mass casualty incidents in the past couple of years has created a stronger need for communities to stay prepared, but disaster preparedness can be costly, and many communities may not have the resources needed to get prepared.

If a mass casualty incident occurred in your community, would officials have the resources and tools needed, like a mobile morgue trailer, to manage the overwhelming number of victims’ bodies?

Fortunately, there are funding opportunities available for morgue trailers.

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allocated $1.6 billion in grant funding, provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to assist states, local areas, and others with preparedness efforts.1

Titled “09MY-02-REFR – Refrigerator, Multi-Body” on the FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL), standalone refrigerator units such as morgue trailers are approved equipment types allowed under FEMA’s preparedness grant programs.2


FEMA developed a Grant Recipient User Guide to assist you in applying for non-disaster grants. You must first create a non-disaster grants account within the FEMA portal and then request access to the non-disaster grants section of the site. Once access is granted, you can submit and manage grant applications from the portal.

Click here to download the Guide.

morgue trailerMED Alliance Mobile Morgue Trailers were designed to help during mass casualty incidents, whether the trailer is needed at the scene for transporting the deceased to the morgue, accommodating over capacity at the morgue or serving as a temporary morgue.

With 20 stainless steel body trays, mobile morgue trailers are equipped with an electric generator and refrigerator, so coroners and medical examiners can be confident their standards and best practices are not being compromised. The spacious trailers are 8’x8’x16’ and have fold-up/down racks for convenience and efficiency when loading and unloading. Click here for more information about MED Alliance Mobile Morgue Trailers.

Ensure your community is prepared to handle a mass casualty incident with a MED Alliance Mobile Morgue Trailer. Email or call us at 888-891-1200 to learn more about mobile morgue trailers.