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Morgue Trailer Trays
Mobile Morgue Trailer Refridgerator

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MED Alliance Group offers morgue facilities a mobile morgue trailer or morgue pod in the event of a mass casualty incident, a morgue facility cooler outage or renovation. Our portable morgue units are built in the USA and come equipped with a generator, refrigerator and two shorelines. MED Alliance Group offers an 8’x8’x16 dual-axle mobile morgue trailer with 20 stainless steel body trays for purchase and an 8’x8’x24’ mobile morgue pod with 24 stainless steel body trays for rent. MED Alliance Group offers Chicago area morgue facilities reliable morgue trailers to help you prepare for the expected and unexpected.

Chicago Mobile Morgue

MED Alliance Group is ready to work with you and exceed your expectations for a morgue trailer. Our stainless steel body trays for assure durability and ease of sterilization. Chicago, Illinois is located in Cook County and holds the position of the third most populous city in the nation with approximately 2.7 million residents. Chicago has been referred to as the global architecture capital. MED Alliance Group is here to help you prepare.

Chicago Mobile Morgue Unit

MED Alliance Group offers a quality morgue trailer. To learn more about our portable morgue trailer and morgue unit call MED Alliance Group at (888) 891-1200 to speak with a representative..

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